14 October 2015

Spanish Programs for Teachers

This program is designed for Spanish teachers who wish to broaden their professional capacities through an immersion course in a Spanish speaking country. All the classes are given by Hispano-American teachers who have high academic recognition.

During the classes, the following topics will be developed:

  • Complex topics of Spanish grammar
  • Components of Spanish from the River Plate region
    (‘Variante Rioplatense’)
  • Tango as a portal to the Argentine culture
  • Cultural aspects of the River Plate region
  • Introduction to Argentine literature
  • Cultural characteristics of the Hispanic world
  • Elaboration of teaching material.

The package includes:

  • 20 hours of Spanish immersion classes
  • 1 tango lesson
  • 2 cultural activities
  • Accommodation with a host family or student residence with breakfast
  • Buenos Aires tour

These programs are organised several times over the year.
Contact us for more detailled information about the next Teacher session.