14 October 2015

FAQ Mundo Español

Do I need a Visa to travel to Argentina?

Needing a Visa to enter Argentina depends on your country’s policies. For citizens of many countries only a passport is necessary to stay in Argentina for up to 90 days. Please, visit this link to check if you need a Visa to enter Argentina: http://cnyor.mrecic.gov.ar/node/5544You should contact your consulate for more specific and updated information on Visa regulations for your country.

 Do I need any vaccinations to enter the country?

No vaccinations are required to enter the country, but the yellow fever vaccination is recommended especially if you are planning to travel to Brazil or Paraguay.

 Is it difficult to travel in Argentina?

The country has a very good coach system, connecting many cities within Argentina as well as offering services to other countries in South America such as Chile and Brazil. Although journeys can be long- Mendoza is 1000 km away from Buenos Aires for example- coaches offer a surprisingly enjoyable experience as most of them are equipped with large windows, bathrooms, air conditioning, and large comfortable seats.
There are also many domestic airports making it easier to travel more quickly to different regions in the country and to plan your vacation in Argentina.

 What currency is used in Argentina?

The Argentine Peso is the national currency but the American dollar is widely accepted. Also, most international credit and debit cards are accepted in Argentina.

Is it hard to get around with a limited knowledge of Spanish?

Because it is a very cosmopolitan country and Buenos Aires is one of the bigger cities in the region, you will find that many people can speak and understand some English, so communication should not be a problem, greatly facilitating your travels in Argentina.

When is the best time to travel to Buenos Aires?

The city of Buenos Aires is ideal to visit throughout the year as the climate is almost always pleasant. Winter (from July to December, unlike the Northern hemisphere) is usually mild with an average temperature of 11 degrees Celsius and in the summer (December to March,) temperatures are usually around 28 degrees. Because of the extensive and varied geography of the country however the climate tends to vary depending on the region.

Is it safe to travel to Argentina as a tourist?

Argentina is probably the safest country in South America for tourists, and it is also worth pointing out that because of its large European immigrant population, European and North American tourists for example are not as easily distinguishable as in other South American countries.
However the advice is the same for tourists traveling in any big city- do not walk alone in less busy streets or neighborhoods at night, keep your belongings safe and do not show that you are carrying foreign currency or other valuable objects, for example a camera.