Spanish Programs for International Business

If you are traveling to Argentina with the purpose of attaining a high level of business Spanish while gaining an extraordinary cultural experience during your stay abroad, then our tailor-made business program is ideal for you!

Spanish is notably the second most spoken language in international business and an official language of the United Nations and other influential international organizations. The ability to speak Spanish is an invaluable asset in international commercial relations with the growing importance of Latin American countries in global trade and the expansion of globalization in the business community.

With this in mind, we have developed a complete Spanish immersion program which focuses on business expectations and is based on three different objectives:

  • to strengthen vocabulary and grammatical knowledge in Spanish
  • to acquire the most common business Spanish vocabulary
  • to learn how to perform classic business operations in Spanish.

The Spanish lessons consist of group and private lessons. You can decide if you want to have either 2 hours (9.30 – 11.30h) or 4 hours (9.30 – 13.30h) of group lessons per day. Besides, you will have 2 individual lessons in the afternoon (14.00hrs – 16.00hrs). In these one-to-one classes we will give you specific vocabulary and phrases relating to your field of interest as well as common Argentine expressions and words that you will need to interact in your everyday job and in everyday life.

We also offer specific Spanish immersion programs for lawyers, architects, doctors, journalists and engineers.

This program can also be complemented with an internship at a national or international company based in Buenos Aires. >>see also  Internship Programs


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