General Spanish Program

Our Intensive Spanish Programs are for those who are interested in learning and/or mastering their general knowledge in Spanish.

Our special focus lies in communicative skills (written and oral comprehension and expression), sin dejar de lado grammar and vocabulary. There are also components of the Argentine and Hispano-American culture. In the advanced levels, our academic team also teaches particular Argentine words and expressions that distinguish the Argentine Spanish from the other variations of the language. Learning conversational Spanish is particularly useful if you are considering studying or traveling in Argentina or other Spanish speaking countries.

We offer individual classes all year round and at flexible times.
This way, you can chose a travelers’ crash course with several hours in one day if you won’t spend much time in Buenos Aires, or maybe opt for several hours over several weeks if your stay will be longer.

In the months of January, July and August, we also offer group lessons at different levels which start every Monday.

Our spanish programs can be customized according to the student’s interests and expectations during their visit to Argentina, which can include activities such as Tango lessons, tours around Buenos Aires and trips to other tourist attractions in Argentina.


If you are unsure which program is the best option for you, please get in touch  with us and we will find out together!


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