Crash Course

If you want to travel to South America but lack sufficient knowledge of the Spanish language and you don’t have enough time to take a Spanish course for several weeks, then ¡No tepreocupes! like locals say. Mundo Español is the perfect place to gather some knowledge. We can offer you a crash course where you will learn the basics of the Spanish language, such as how to get around, how to meet people, how to order and of course, cultural aspects of Argentina and Latin America.

You can decide the number of hours you want to take and for how many days. You can also start your crash course on any day of the week from Monday to Friday. We would recommend that you take a minimum of 10 lessons (2 to 4 hours a day, for 3 days). With these 10 lessons we guarantee that you will have the basics to travel all around Spanish speaking countries; come and see for yourself!


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