Spanish Programs

Mundo Español offers a number of Spanish programs which are highly adaptable in terms of duration, level, content and material used during the course, according to the student’s needs and expectations.

Our professional team prepares original study material for our students, which includes different types of texts such as newspaper articles and a detailed grammar exercise book. We also work with multimedia resources and authentic Argentinian and Hispano-American material to help make the learning process as enjoyable as possible. Not only do we offer our students general conversational topics, but we also include other interesting themes ranging from Argentina as a country to the culture of the Hispanic World as a whole (e.g. history, cooking, sports, Tango, etc.).

Duration and Dates:

All of our spanish programs can start at any day of the week, at any time of the year. The student can decide how many hours a day they want to take and whether they want to study for one week of several months.

This way, we can offer classes that accompany a long term stay as well as crash courses for travelers who have but one day open for classes.

The school remains closed during National Holidays.

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