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Our most popular working fields in Buenos Aires 



Are you looking for an opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge to real life working situations? Do you want a placement that will not only enhance your professional skills, but also give you an edge to stand out of the crowd? Do you want to learn a new language, in a new city, with a new culture and lifestyle?

You might want to try one in Buenos Aires.

Our organization offers internships in office and business administration in all kinds of companies, from small local companies to big international ones, startups or NGOs.

Your main tasks may include mailing, filing, archiving, carrying out Internet research, updating databases and taking care of the company’s website. You will get insights into the day to day business of business and office administration and learn about various methods and techniques.


 Communication and public relations
A communication internship in Buenos Aires can offer you more than one at home. You will not only have the chance to experience life a new exciting city, but you will also enlarge your professional skills and look at communication techniques from a different angle, helping you to think about the (local) box and stand out of the crowd.               

In this internship, you will learn about communication strategies while assisting coworkers. You may deal with client inquiries, take care of the company’s website, be in charge of social media representation, write articles and also gain insights into public relation techniques.

Our organization offers communication placements in all sorts of companies, small and local or big and international.  You may also work in an NGO, where often, interns get more responsibilities.



Buenos Aires’ mayor importance in finance and trade makes is especially attractive for businesses of all scopes, from big global companies installing an agency to small startups hoping to grow in this buzzing, international place.

In a consulting company, you can have the opportunity to transmit your knowledge to any kind of company, in various sectors, including finance and accounting, international commerce or law. You will assist your coworkers in their work, attend meetings, and participate in events and seminars. You may also carry out market analyses and help creating business and financial plans for clients.

And during all this, you will constantly enlarge your language skills and cultural knowledge, helping you boost your future career.



If you are studying to become a teacher, an internship in education in Buenos Aires will not only provide you with practical experience, but also with first-hand insights into Argentinean culture and education. Regardless of your specialty, you will improve your education just as well as your Spanish skills and will have the asset of easily teaching your future pupils about intercultural subjects and ideas.

Our organization offers you a large choice from small to bigger schools, different ages and levels of education of the children, as well as kindergartens, cultural centers or orphanages.

Depending on your experience, you will be shadow and support teachers, or prepare and teach your own classes or workshops. You may also help out with administrative tasks. Further, you may plan and carry out events and activities with children (including games, sport events, or reading to them).




You are looking for a placement that will not only enhance your professional skills, but also give you an edge to stand out of the crowd? You want to learn a new language, in a new city, with a new culture and lifestyle?

Our organization offers placements in all kinds of companies in Buenos Aires, where you can practice the skills you learned in class.

You will support your coworkers in projects, as well as with the day to day administrative tasks of the company, or carry out research and collect data.  



Event management

In Buenos Aires, a buzzing, creative metropolis, the cultural agenda is always filled with all sorts of events. During your internship in event management you’re going to learn about techniques and approaches, as well as get the opportunity to get creative yourself, all while improving your Spanish language skills.

Our organization offers placements in any sort of companies so you can gain in-house or agency experiences, they could range from grand hotels and small hostels, over business companies, up to NGOs or cultural centers.

In general, you will assist in planning and preparing events, creating ideas and themes, doing internet research for partners, places, etc., followed by the promotion. You may also assist and participate in the events themselves and carry out success analyses.



Finance and accounting   

If you are interested in finance and accounting, Buenos Aires will be a great place for you to gain experience. As one of the financial hubs of Latin America, thanks to the Argentinean stock market as well as its importance in trade, the city offers a large number of companies to intern it. Your possible employers range from small and local companies to huge international businesses, over consulting companies to NGOs.

You will usually be in charge of accounting, tax preparation, administrative tasks, and financial analysis, depending on the size and scope of the company.
You might also work in a consulting company, creating financial analyses and financial plans.



Graphic Design           

For a creative person, Buenos Aires is a mayor inspiration with its mixture of various architectural styles, numerous large graffiti, its tango and flamenco bars and uncountable theaters. If you are looking for an internship in graphic design, you should come here and get inspired, too.

Our organization can place you in any sort of company or NGO where, according to your skills and preferences, you can carry help in product, fashion or maybe marketing design. You may shadow and support your coworkers in projects and take care of the company’s website and create their newsletters. The possibilities are numerous and you will be able to gain important professional experience all while expanding your language and cultural knowledge.



Hospitality and Tourism    

As one of the most visited cities of Latin America, Buenos Aires offers a large number of businesses specialized in tourism and hospitality. You can intern in hotels or hostels of different sizes and themes, as well as for tour operators.

You will be an important part of the team with your knowledge of at least one other language than Spanish, as well as your cross-cultural expertise.


You’re going to enrich the team by your international experience and take part in receiving guests, handle reservations and client inquiries and collaborate in the creation and execution of events. You might also carry out market research and create marketing strategies, or help with translations and the day to day administrative tasks of the establishment.


Interning with a travel company, you’ll usually collaborate in the creation of new trips or tour packages. You’ll also handle reservations and client inquiries and help with the day to day administrative tasks, as well as translations. You might also carry out Internet research, market analyses and create marketing strategies for your company.



Human Rights            

With several dark chapters in Argentina’s history, including the oppression of the indigenous population and the dictatorship making people ‘disappear’, there is a special focus on human rights today, as well as numerous NGOs working in this field.

As an intern, you will be assisting in reporting about Human Rights and how they are respected, as well as help advocating them by organizing events and design communication like newsletters and brochures. You may also help with Internet research and the carrying out of day to day tasks in the office.

There is a big range of issues you might work on, including police brutality, corruption, freedom of expression, human trafficking and campaigning for the rights of marginalized communities, indigenous populations, refugees, women, children and the homeless.

This internship will not only benefit you by providing you with professional and cultural experience to boost your future career, but also the local communities, fighting for equal rights.


International commerce and logistics 

Buenos Aires’ history of being a port of mayor importance goes back so far that the people from here are called porteños – people from a port city. You can imagine how important commerce and logistics are for this city and how an internship here can increase your skills and experience, helping you boost your professional career.

Our organization offers placements in companies of any size and reach from small and local to big and international, with various specializations and markets.

You may treat contracts, offers and client inquiries, carry out market analyses and update databases and help with the day to day administrative tasks of the office.




Buenos Aires, being a buzzing, creative metropolis, is the home of some of the biggest Argentinean newspapers as well as numerous magazines covering any topic there is; travel and culture, food, sports, current affairs, finance, art and design…

Our organization can offer you placements in both print and online publications, traditional or modern newspapers, and many specializations, so that you can obtain insights into the day to day business of an editorial office and its journalists, and gain skills and experience that will help you boost your career.

Depending on your company of choice, you will shadow and support your coworkers, help with research and keep databases up to date, as well as carrying out day to day tasks of the office. In some cases, you might also get the opportunity of writing and publishing your own articles.


In Buenos Aires, a buzzing, creative metropolis, good and innovative marketing is needed to stand out of the crowd. During your internship you’re going to learn about marketing techniques and approaches, as well as get the opportunity to get creative yourself, all while improving your Spanish language skills.

Our network allows you to choose from small or big companies in all sorts of sectors, with local or international scope, as well as NGOs or marketing agencies.

In this internship, you usually get to do market analyses and internet research, and collaborate in the creation, preparation and execution of sales and promotion plans. You might also be in charge of website and social media appearances as well as other day to day tasks.




Perfect for medical students, this program will give you the great opportunity to not only gain professional experience, but also to learn about local medical practices and cultural differences, all while improving your Spanish language skills.

You will be able to shadow doctors and nurses, help them with administrative tasks or work with children our patients through activities and workshops. According to your preferences you can be placed in private or state-funded hospitals, adult or children’s hospitals, or intern in a center for addiction and rehabilitation.


The field you were looking for is not in this list? Don’t worry: simply contact us and tell us what you are looking for and we will pre-check every availability. For free.


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