Our School in Buenos Aires

The Mundo Español school is located in a gorgeous newly-renovated 3-storey historic building in the heart of San Telmo.

In the « Forum », our central meeting point, this is where you, staff, teachers and other students can come together to chat and get to know one-another. It is also the place to access the Internet, get information or simply give yourself a boost before, between and after class. We serve coffee, tea, water and biscuits for free.

Our classrooms are neatly decorated and equipped with air-conditioning and heating systems. They all have natural daylight.


A typical school day might look like this:

You arrive a little before 9.30 and have a little chat with the teachers and other students. At 9.30, you’re lessons starts; you will work with your tutor on topics that are specifically chosen for you – verb conjugations? Pronunciations? Daily conversations? Medical vocabulary? Whatever you need.
Our classes focus a lot on conversation and speaking, so that you will learn how to get around as fast as possible.
In the short break, you have a coffee and a chat with other students; maybe in the “forum”, maybe in a café next door, sitting outside in the sun.
Then you go back to studying and after class, you participate in an excursion to the Mercado de San Telmo, a few streets from the school.


San Telmo is the oldest neighborhood in Buenos Aires and is also a well preserved area of national heritage in the constantly changing Argentine metropolis. Its Spanish styled colonial buildings with a touch of French and Italian detailing characterize the architecture of the neighborhood. Cafes, tango bars and antique shops line the streets and are filled with artists and dancers performing cultural spectacles.


The barrio’s numerous attractions include many old churches, museums, antique stores and an antique fair in the main square, Plaza Dorrego. Milongas abound in the neighborhood where locals and tourists can go to dance the Argentine Tango.

San Telmo is at a short walking distance from vibrant Downtown and the famous neighborhood of Puerto Madero.



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Foto de San Telmo

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